About Us

Here at Chevron kits online, we specialise in making kits for the most popular vans on the market. Not having to template every different car on the market enables us to keep our costs to an absolute minimum, savings we then pass onto you, the customer.

We also buy all of our reflective and fluorescent vinyls directly from the manufacturers, again saving money in the making of the kits. These savings enable us to offer the cheapest chevron kits in the UK made from the best quality materials. 

All of our kits are made from fully backed Airflow Oracal 7510RA 3yr fluorescent yellow as standard, which makes fitting the chevron kits much easier and quicker. Our kits come with ultra thin guidelines that can be covered with the red reflective pieces so there is no cleaning of pen marks once the chevron kit has been fitted.



Chevron Kit ExampleCut Red ReflectiveTransit custom with chevron kit